Thank You For The Dove

Check out these gorgeous album covers I spotted on this list. I did some research on these artists and was startled by what I found:

Yodeling legend Joyce Schwartz was inspired to write this record (titled Full Throttle Yodel) by her producer and lover Mike Adkins (see below), who she claimed once visited her in a dream and demanded that she "get up and yodel." Standout songs: 'Picnic People' and 'Fondue Party'

Seminal reggae artist Mike Adkins ("The Godfather of Funky") was inspired to write Thank You For The Dove after his muse Joyce Schwartz (aka 'Joyce') gifted him with the titular bird. Channeling the sounds of Jamaica by way of Wisconsin, Adkins invented the hit dance 'Ganja Strut.' Standout songs: 'Jah's Adopted Stepson,' 'Ganja I Jah Dub'


Jered said...

I've been laughing for 5 minutes now about "seminal reggae recording artist Mike Adkins." Ganja I Jah Dub is the joint! I had to sign back on just to tell you that your last 2 posts (that 'pizza' allowed me to finally understand what the fuck they mean by 'sour stomach') are quite possibly your most verbose, lyrical and funny. For real-- Keep em comin Dannyboy!

Dan Redding said...

Thanks man! If I had a dove to offer you as a way of saying thanks for your compliment, I would gently release it right now, and it would fly to you. However, the closest thing I could get is a pigeon (not alive). Check your mailbox in about three days. The package from me is the one that's pigeon-shaped.