Last Friday, David Letterman broadcast a controversial lost clip of the late, great comedian Bill Hicks performing on Letterman's stage in 1993. Dave also apologized personally on-air to Hicks' mother for censoring the performance (which was likely considered controversial by the network or its sponsors due to Hicks' material about pro-lifers) at the time (read more). Hicks has been a hero of mine for years and I found this quite moving. His performance, of course, is hilarious, and as usual, his material remains quite prescient even fifteen years later. He rails against mediocrity (one of his favorite themes), suggesting that he'll host a television show called 'Let's Hunt and Kill Billy Ray Cyrus.' He also speculates on the amenities in Heaven less than a year before his death. I think Mr.Letterman's gesture is an example of his integrity and character, and I think Bill would appreciate it greatly. Enjoy!

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