Rock Band Idea

So I had a lot of ideas today, and one of them is an idea for a rock band. You know that guy Greg Gillis, aka Girl Talk, who makes infectiously catchy songs from mile-a-minute samples of everything from Nirvana and Pixies to Biggie and Elton John? What if there was a rock band that operated under a similar premise? You could construct cover songs out of dozens of songs from different eras and rock artists - they'd be more like collages then medleys. Maybe one song would start with a verse from The Police, enter a chorus from an Elvis Presley song, go into a verse from The Ramones that has a similar chord structure to the first Police verse (thereby highlighting the inherent similarities of most rock songs), then into the Elvis chorus again but this time with Neil Young lyrics in place of the Elvis lyrics, and then conclude with a breakdown from a Black Sabbath song. You could even make a Frankenstein song that had a single theme (heartbreak, for example) and assembled verses and choruses from six other songs about heartbreak into one. In the future, originality is going to have just as much validity as using our shared cultural past as fuel for your assemblage (because they're actually the same thing when done in a spirit of inventiveness and honor). If you don't feel like starting a rock band and would prefer to start a comic book franchise, see below.

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