Supervillain Idea

So I was thinking about Batman's enemy The Penguin and how a penguin is the least intimidating animal and therefore terrible inspiration for a supervillain. And then I thought, What's the nastiest animal? The answer, of course, is roadkill. Roadkill is the nastiest animal, and that's why my idea for a supervillain is a criminal mastermind named Roadkillhead. He has a regular body but his head is a gory roadkill head with tire tracks on it, and his power is that when he sneezes (which happens often, especially when he's in the vicinity of a nemesis), he sneezes bone fragments and roadkill gore all over you. All right, so maybe he needs an eviler and more villainous superpower (so far it's more disgusting than deadly), but I was hoping that some comic book artist or mad scientist out there would kind of take the seed of the idea and run with it and then make a fortune and give me credit (and part of the fortune). You're welcome.

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