Good 'N Funny

Two blogs with self-explanatory titles that are worth at least a hundred ha ha's: Photoshop Disasters and Stuff White People Like. I'm glad 'Photoshop Disasters' exists as a source of justice for all the lazy advertisers out there (also the site just hipped me to Dane Cook's blog entry on the Photoshop disaster that is his latest movie poster). My favorite entries on 'Stuff White People Like' are expensive sandwiches, shorts, and trying too hard. View a CNN interview with the site's creator here.


Ryan said...

Dan, may I be so bold as to suggest also regularly reading the http://failblog.org/ and http://www.sorryimissedyourparty.com/ .

sumter said...

just read cooks blog. first off, cook must be the only person on earth to think that his own movie is funny considering it got absolutely panned. though i've never seen employee of the month or good luck chuck, i'll just take his word that this is his funniest movie yet. and it's just mind-boggling that he's actually surprised that the poster sucks too

Dan Redding said...

Sumter, I'll agree that Dane Cook's film career is about as tasteful as a dog's fart. However, it's pretty unusual for a star to publicly badmouth the publicity efforts of the movie studio that employs him. I actually thought it was kind of ballsy of him, and hopefully brought a cringe of embarrasment to a few of the hacks in the advertising department. Remember when Hollywood studios used to hire illustrators to provide them with beautiful, memorable movie posters? Nowadays, they just have an intern spend half an hour collaging a couple headshots together in Photoshop. I think someday the trend will go out of style and the pendulum will swing back in the other direction.