Weirdest movie find of the week goes to 'The Sinful Dwarf,' a slimy Danish sleaze-fest from 1973. I have not seen it yet, and I am not normally interested in 'exploitation' films (or exploitation itself for that matter), but I have to say that I was intrigued today when two Photoplay customers - a couple in their twenties - returned the film to the store after watching it. The dazed young man muttered "We're still recovering from that one" in the tone of someone who has just crawled from the twisted remains of a burning vehicle. The reviewer at this site opined, "I’ve watched several movies where I wanted to take a shower afterwards, but this is one that I actually wanted to pause so I could go take a shower in the first third, another right before the climax, and by the time the end credits rolled I needed a high-pressure sprayer." Bring it on!

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