Brand New.

Even if you are not a graphic design geek, you must have noticed the disastrous redesign of the Pepsi logo recently! That's why I was happy to see that redesign in the 'Worst' category at the Best & Worst of 2008 list at Brand New, a knowledgeable blog about corporate branding and logo design that is actually fun to read. Also, Planet Earth was on during a dinner party I attended recently, and I couldn't help but implore some party guests to explain the meaning of the sideways 'M' in the bizarre new Animal Planet logo. Of course no one could explain that purposeless stunt in the logo, and so I was happy to see that in the 'Worst' category, too. Their best of the year honor goes to the mouth-wateringly cool designs at 826 Valencia.

"It's okay to pull a rabbit out of your hat, but sometimes, a rabbit out of a hat is not what's called for." -Sergio Baradat

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