Comes with FREE MC Hammer Pants

Sometimes you find the funniest (not to mention manliest) writing where you least expect it. Now put down that barbell, crank up the Van Halen, and read this.


Jer said...

Wow. I just looked and my chest hair is noticeably thicker after reading that post. My voice has dropped, as have my testes-- they're swingin' lower than ever after a quick read of the manliest classified ad I've ever read! One question, though-- how the hell did you find that? Were you just casually cruising through the Montana classifieds on Craigslist? Thinking of moving to big sky country and doin' a little off-roadin'?

Dan Redding said...

Yeah man, I've been shopping online for a four-wheeled hellcat from Planet Kickass, and I found that post. By which I mean I saw my friend Ryan post a link to it on another site.