Off the Deep End!

Below are posters for movies I discovered in the book Attack of the 'B' Movie Posters. These posters have got it all: brazen compositions, political incorrectness, memorable titles (Invasion of the Blood Farmers), and amusing slogans ("So Young... So Bad... So What?"). The posters are likely better than the movies themselves, but it still makes me wonder why anyone would feel inclined to go see a movie with a title as bland as The Reader.


Scott said...

check out the blood farmers' trailer:


Dan Redding said...

"Within a week, the lab will be flooded with... with human blood!"

These low-budg seventies movies are so cheesy and poorly made, but there's something downright creepy about them, too. I remember watching the obscure cult horror flick 'Mother's Day' in between games of 'Pit Fighter' on the Sega Genesis at a friend's house when I was fifteen. It's a bad ripoff of Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Psycho, but there's something about that backwoods shoestring seventies aesthetic that's really nauseating nonetheless. Those movies kind of feel frozen in time and there's something desolate about the knowledge that you're probably the only person on Earth who is watching it at that given moment.

sumter said...

wanna see horrible? check this if you haven't seen it yet. check out the "actors" too!