Greenpoint Incident 8/09/08

Unusual graffiti at the corner of Norman and Manhattan in Greenpoint.
This is still New York, right?

I can't find any news about an incident in Greenpoint early this morning so I'm going to write about it myself. At about three AM, I was alarmed by the sound of a thunderous helicopter circling overhead. I looked out the window to see that it was a brolic* military chopper patrolling the area at a very low altitude while shining a search light on rooftops and streets. The center of its pattern seemed to be near Manhattan and Meserole, an area containing both the nightclub Europa and the local police precinct. The streets were awash with an exodus of loud nightclub goers who I 'm fairly sure had just been expelled from Europa after an incident there. There were hundreds of party people clogging the intersections and lazily walking down the block while rearranging their plans. Cop cars and ambulances and undercover cop cars with flashing lights sped around every corner. So of course I ran outside to see what was going on. I asked some scruffy loiterer what happened and he said that someone had been stabbed at Europa. Then he said something about a Mexican and a burrito. All the while that military chopper circled overhead. The neighbors emerged from their apartment and said, "What the fuck is going on?" Still no satisfying answers. Get on the ball, ny1.com!

*'Brolic' is my favorite new word. Kids in my art class (see below) last month used it in every other sentence, as in 'You mad brolic.' They explained to me that it was a synonym for 'diesel.' One kid even said he had a brolic pillow. That was almost as funny as when another student said, "My moms is mad grimy, yo!" Oh, also I saw 'brolic' on a Nike ad the other day. Those dastardly trend researchers are swift!

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